About Us

This is how the B'yonne Essentials journey started. My daughter battled eczema and really dry skin  growing up. While visiting South Carolina with my mother, she spoke about “lye” soap they used in the country. This soap cleaned “everything”. I purchased a bar of this soap for me to use before allowing my daughter to  use it. My skin was moisturized, cleaned but without the drying feel. We used this soap for about 2 weeks, I saw the change in her skin…. I reached for months, reading and researching about this soap. I created Ivie’s Suds N Such, my granddaughter. In 2020, I created more than “soaps”, I branched off into skincare, body wash and other skin loving items... The rebranding began and we are  B’Yonne Essentials , specializing in handmade artisan bath and body products for the entire family.